Toothless Cosplay: The Last Night Fury

So May ComicCon is over! Almost a year’s worth of work finally realised in the form of a dragon. It was often rather stressful and time consuming, but I think the end result was worth it:

10985437_10153867046575410_8148268110458630643_nTa-da! I’m so happy with it! Overall costing came to approximately £50, which I think is pretty decent. Although if I’d had more time I’d have attached more scales to the dress (and with a more secure method than super glue!!)

I did make a tail, however at the last minute I decided to ditch it; it hadn’t gone the way I’d wanted it to, and I had a feeling people would keep treading on it 😦

(I do enjoy imagining the face of the Premier Inn cleaner who found a tail in the bin of our room)

The response to my cosplay was amazing. Wherever I went I heard a *gasp* “TOOTHLESS!” And I even met a couple of other HTTYD cosplayers!


Job well done methinks!


The Homicidal Family Dream

So the night after a long shift at work when my legs are dead, I decide to have a chase dream… Brilliant.

We were running through a train station, trying to catch up with a friend. He was too far ahead though, and we didn’t see where he went.

I chose a random platform he may have gotten onto. I boarded the train, staring at everyone to make sure it wasn’t him. He wasn’t there.

My other friend caught up to me, and sat down on the train like we were going somewhere. Everyone else was staring at me. So I got off at the last second. The doors slammed shut, and my friend watched in horror as she departed from the platform.

I walked back to a house. It was about four storeys high and pretty damn nice. However, inside was a bit of a muddled maze. Or trap, if you will. And I was the mouse.

Within the dining room, two twin toddlers were playing with their dolls. They wore pretty pink dresses up to their knees and blonde hair in tight pigtails. They saw me enter, dropped their dolls and grinned with pointed teeth. Their eyes glowed.

I ran from the room and they chased me all over the house. No matter what room I was in, I could hear them giggling. Each time I thought I was safe, one of them appeared and swiped for me with tiny fingers.

Eventually, I found a doorway to the outside. I walked through it to find myself in an allotment, and a massive one at that. But before I could even step foot onto the soil, I heard yelling. Angry yelling.

The father of the two girls was running towards me, spade in hand. I jumped up onto one of the hedges so I could see everywhere better.

As far as the eye could see were field upon field of plants and vegetables and greenhouses. I couldn’t even tell which direction to run in.

In the neighbouring allotments I could see stereotypical farmers in straw hats, mowing lawns or digging up weeds. I had a feeling they’d be just as friendly as this man…

He ran towards me, trying to hit me.

“You disturbed my daughters, bitch.”

His wife, a rotund woman in an apron and waving a rolling pin in the air, came out of the kitchen and joined in with his yelling.

I ran across the hedgetops, along bamboo trellises, even across greenhouse roofs, but I just couldn’t shake him off.

“Go on, git her!” his wife screamed, like the meal she was preparing depended on her husband catching me.

There was nowhere safe to run. I was trapped. If I ran I’d be lost and if I stayed still he would catch me. Suddenly I wished I’d stayed on the train.

Toothless Cosplay: Hood

Almost a year ago I drew up the designs for my Toothless cosplay. University work has delayed its creation massively, but it’s finally coming together in time for London.

The hood took far less time to complete than the wings.

Materials and Spendage:

Black, long-sleeved dress – £8 (
Leftover Scuba-like material from wings.
Light green foam – 60p (local market)
Pipecleaners – 10 for 50p (local market)
Light green thread – £1.50 (Hobbycraft)

Total Spendage So Far: £42.08

The Hood

Begin by taking your measurements for half a hood shape. Draw and cut out a template. Double the material and cut out, leaving seam allowance as always. Hem the edges of these pieces, apart from the place where they will join together.

At any point in this process you can begin making the eyes. Take the green foam and cut it into the desired Toothless eye shape. I went for the one where he is free-falling in the second film:

You’ll want to sew the two hood pieces together, but not until you’ve cut out several small black semi-circles. These need to be pinned at regular intervals along the stitching, with the top of the circle facing inwards, between the two hood pieces.

Then you can sew it, carefully. Voila, basic hood is complete.

Now you have to sew it to the pre-bought dress. Make sure you wear it when pinning the hood on to get it right. Asking someone else to help you makes life a whole lot easier.

After that, start bending your ten pipe cleaners into the shapes of Toothless’ ears and extra sticky-outy bits.


You’ll need to cut around these pipe cleaner shapes, then sew pockets for them to slide into. They’re quite fiddly, but worth it in the end.


I had a fair amount of trouble from the actual ears. They never looked perfect to me. They have scales similar to the ones running down the centre of the hood. I found it awkward to align these parts on the hood symmetrically whilst wearing it. Again, I’d recommend asking someone to help!

When all of these parts are sewn on, you can attach the eyes. Then it’s just fine tuning, like trimming down the scales if necessary, or adjusting the angles of the ears.

But here you have it: one Toothless dress, all ready to go!