The Shoe Fetish and Demons Dream

The party was in full swing at my workplace when my dad turned up with a shovel. Nah, it was nothing like that. He’d just been doing some gardening… I think. I hope. He asked me to wrap it safely in carrier bags while he went shopping.
We had a new girl starting that night, and she was already giving me evils from across the bar. I mingled for a while, talking to friends and colleagues until my dad returned from his trip.
I asked what he’d bought, and he gestured to the wide variety of shoes arranged neatly in front of him. They were about thirty pairs, all different sizes and in an array of vibrant colours. The tiniest shoes were a baby’s pink jellys. The biggest were effing huge. They were bright blue with basset hounds on the front. The footholes were as big as a head, and the shoes themselves as big as Little Tikes cars.
My dad proceeded to put these shoes on and slide around the room in them, squealing with laughter. As the embarrassed daughter, I slipped into another room.
It so happened the room I found myself in was the VIP area. I walked around like I belonged there, trying not to get too excited by the celebrities. I bumped into a coffee table that Matt Smith just so happened to be lying underneath.
“Hello,” he said.
“Hello?” I replied. “Er…”
“I’m hiding,” he grimaced.
“Not very well… Your legs and head are sticking out.”
“Oh…” he sighed, and slid out from under the table. He was wearing skinny jeans, a white T-shirt and a black waistcoat. His hair was slicked to the side as usual, and he looked pretty damn hot.
“What are you hiding from?” I asked coyly.
He looked away and gestured quickly to the other side of the room. “That woman.”
I glanced at where he meant and saw a girl wearing an eleventh doctor costume, holding a framed photograph of Matt and looking happier than everyone else in the room.
I persuaded the girl that Matt had gone to the toilets, and she thanked me before running off. Matt grinned and I rejoined him. We had a laugh and he was genuinely lovely to talk to. Eventually I thought I’d try my chances.
“Well, I’d say let me know how the crazy fangirl situation goes, but you don’t have my number or Twitter or anything…”
He proceeded to pull a mini tablet out of his pocket, and I mean like keyring sized tablet. He put it on the table in front of me, and expected me to know how to use it. He laughed and took the piss out of me when I struggled to press the tiny buttons.

I’d only just found my way to Twitter when the demon appeared. Nobody noticed him at first – how could they? He was made of black smoke, and he crept into the body of a middle aged man. He touched the shoulder of a younger woman and she in turn touched two other people. Their eyes turned black and they walked towards us as a group.
Smoke emitted from them, the tendrils wrapping around the necks of the party guests and filling their lungs. They’d finally found me. Soon only me, Matt, his pitbull Ferry and two others were alive. So we ran.
We found a room full of wardrobes and each hid in one. I heard the demons come in, heard the creak of the floorboards and opening of doors.
After an agonising silence I cracked my door open slightly. A man was stood outside, waiting for me to come out. I wasn’t sure if he was one of us or one of them.
That was when he grinned and smoke billowed from his open mouth. I ran, and everyone followed. We’d made it to the rooftops when the smoke caught up with us. A pointed black finger reached out for my heart, but Ferry leaped in front of it, barking like mad. The smoke touched him and he thudded to the ground. We watched as the life faded out of him, the dying light of the sun making his fur shine a bright orange. Matt looked at me.
Well shit. Goodbye to any chance of Mr. Smith calling me back.


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