The Homicidal Boyfriend Dream

I was in a relationship with someone who terrified me. It was as if I were under a spell, as if I had no choice other than to be with him. One night he left me in his bedsit while he went out on ‘business.’ He stroked my cheek, smiled and left.

I stared around the room, waiting, making sure he didn’t come back. It was a small bedroom. We shared his single bed with a crumpled, faded blue duvet. The walls were bare, clothes hung limply from the chest of drawers and there was various items of junk all over the floor. His computer was switched off, but it didn’t matter. He didn’t trust me with the password anyway. He’d left me in his room for hours, knowing I had nothing to do. I was his prisoner.

I began to search for evidence. I’d been staying with him since my parents had died a few weeks previous. But it was too coincidental, too close to when I’d met him for him to not be involved somehow.

Underneath his bed was a rucksack I hadn’t seen him use in a while. I pulled it out to examine it further. My finger touched a sticky spot, but in the poor lighting of the room I couldn’t see what it was. I grabbed a glass of water from the desk and poured it gently over it. Blood began pouring out of the rucksack and pooled on the cream carpet.

It was my parent’s blood. I could tell by the colour.

Shit. If he came home to find the blood stains, he’d know. He’d know I knew, and I’d be screwed. I set about frantically wiping at the carpet in a vain attempt to scrub it clean. There was no way it’d work. I’d have to get out of there.

I opened the frail white door and walked out into the monotonous corridor, heart thumping. He lived on the top floor and there were no lifts so I began my descent down the cold hard staircase. I reached the halfway point to find there was a troll blocking my path. A nine foot, grey skinned troll with a large club and only a loin cloth covering him. He didn’t see me, so I sneaked into the corridor and headed for the other side of the building.

I reached the stairwell at the other side of the block and was relieved to find no monsters in my path. I continued down the staircase, but there was another troll at the final door.

I was trapped. And this one had seen me. He advanced, and I backed my way up the stairs. I felt a cold hand on my shoulder and I shrieked.

“Going somewhere, my darling?” He purred.


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