On an evening train from Welwyn Garden City

Happy National Poetry Day! 

On the journey back from WGC,
an unusual feeling swept over me:

A sudden peace.
an inspiration increase.

Hatfield, Potter’s Bar, King’s Cross, Milton Keynes,
The Palace of Alexandra, imaginary queen.

Darkness lingers, streetlights join the stars,
flying in lines of light and dark.

Signs of life whizzing by,
too fast to catch with the human eye.

Silhouettes of trees and slatted roofs.
The moonlit water shining dew.

Dad fast asleep with folded arms,
leaving me to my creative charms

Until our stop. Then dad’s awake
and talking just for talking’s sake.

We’re beckoned by warmth, the promise of pie
and my hat’s left behind on the train to die.


Between Seasons

Happy National Poetry Day! Here’s one I made earlier…

Only dog walkers and shortcut takers
venture in this cold.
A members only club, they gather under
unpopped popcorn blossoms
in their pedigree.
Garish coats of pink or blue pulled
up at the neck, outfits
adorned with whippets and wellies.

This is the weather of suncream and scarves;
white tipped grass sparkling in
the weak sun, gilding every blade,
every branch.
The naked trees reach for the warmth,
but the cool breeze breathes on their fingers,
denied their lifeblood just
a little longer.