The Mindgames Dream

I had two highly trained and well-equipped psychopaths determined to kill me. Why I do not know. But I knew them by face, and I was terrified.
Mum and dad went away for a weekend and left me to house sit. This was when they made their move. They’d been watching the house, waiting for the opportune moment when they could get me alone and have their fun.
There weren’t many hiding places in the house. I was upstairs in my pyjamas when they walked casually and loudly through the front door. They were playing with me. I dived under my bed – not fully covered in any way. It was a terrible place to hide. But for some reason or another they never came into my room. I heard them come up the stairs – the man, the woman and one of their accomplices. The man and woman went to my parent’s room, the other to the spare room.
As they got into bed I heard the man say, “she’s not going anywhere yet. I’ll get up in four and a half hours, I’m exhausted.” He’d said it loud enough for me to hear; another game to see if I’d make a break for it. That was how they’d get their fun, luring me out on my own accord. I waited a while, then started to get dressed. I accidentally turned a light on and cursed, standing still and listening for a few minutes before deeming it safe to carry on.
Eventually I took up the courage and tiptoed silently through the house.
…Their plan must have gone south, seeing as I heard snoring. I managed to get out of the house and ran to safety at a friend’s. They didn’t find me.

When the weekend was over I went home again. As I reached the front door, mum came out carrying two big bags of rubbish. As I approached she scowled at me. “You have some explaining to do, young lady,” she said, gesturing at the bags. “Full of needles and drugs. And disappearing? You were supposed to be looking after the house, not trashing it and leaving.”
I led her back in the house and shut the door. “It wasn’t me, mum.”
I explained the situation to her, and for someone who’s just discovered there are people trying to kill her daughter, she didn’t seem overly worried.
“Ah, we’ll get you into uni, you’ll be fine there.”

Of course I wouldn’t be. They knew exactly where I was, to the point that on my very first day in halls, they took advantage. Mum parked the car and she parked it terribly, with the rear end practically obstructing traffic. I looked at it and thought, “we’re getting in shit for that.”
We sat in my new room, having unpacked most of my belongings. Mum was reassuring me that everything was fine, that I’d have a great time here and wouldn’t have to worry about anyone hunting me down. There was a knock on the door.
“Who is it?” I called tentatively.
“It’s the police, I need to speak to both of you.” My immediate thought was of the badly parked car. I almost believed it… but the both of you. How did they know there was two of us? Mum opened the door before I could stop her, and followed the lady out of the room. “Mum no…”
My heart stopped with panic. I ran not two seconds behind them, but mum was already in the adjacent flat, and holding the door open wide for me to see was the psychopath woman, grinning. Her face reminded me of Elaine the Pain from Tracy Beaker. I yelled in panic at my mum, “NO MUM! THAT’S HER!” Mum looked at her in horror, but before we could act, the door had been shut and locked.

I wandered around campus, wondering what to do. They’ve got my mum. I saw the male pyscho masquerading as a lecturer. He saw me and smiled. Maybe I could try and talk to him? The lady did seem crazier.
I went to the student bar and saw my friend writing on a slab of rock in the shape of a love heart. “What are you doing?” I asked, peering over her shoulder.
“I’m breaking up with my boyfriend,” she said, not looking up. I read the message she’d tip’exed onto it:

I’m sorry, but we have to end this. You’ve been my rock…

I had to stop reading there. It was too ironic that she’d written that on a piece of stone. I started laughing hysterically. It was at this point that her boyfriend turned up, saw the message and me laughing, and burst into tears. Oops…

Pyscho man drew up a chair next to me. We began talking, and he seemed like an okay kind of guy. We didn’t mention that my mother was currently the hostage of his wife. Maybe if I befriended him he would help me…


Paper Veins

Between ochre sunset and glittering mirror,
mother and child stand.
Between the two; an elephant, calm as the river
and warm under hand.

The water cleanses the three. Sand squelches under toes.
Small fingers caress the rough nose.
Later, its head and back are donned with rug and cap
of cardamom and indigo.

Plodding down the dusty road, feeling the strains
of the cracked earth beneath.
And all of this frozen within the paper veins
of the leathery leaf.

Forever is the elephant, now fragile and thin,
depicted in brush strokes on silvery skin.