Who Even

Who even is this? I hear you ask,
well friend, sit back and I’ll tell you;
I’m just another internet writer
sharing her points of view.

If you want some info about me,
this is probably the right page;
so know that puns are my weakness
and I freeze when I’m on stage.

I’m a Creative Writing student
studying a Masters degree.
I’m experimenting with fiction,
but really, I love poetry.

I aspire to write the narratives
of epic video games,
but I’m not quite there with coding,
and I’m not so great with names,

but I do have many dreams,
as you’ll see if you read this blog.
They’re fantastical, mythical stories –
mostly zombies and the odd dog.

But that’s not all! I also draw
in a professional capacity;
I design and paint pub blackboards
with freehand typography.

I hope in this collection
you empathise somewhere.
If not – I’m glad you read this far,
so thanks… I’m Claire!





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