Cosplay Help!


I’m determined to get into Cosplay properly. I’ve only ever really made simple cosplays. I’m a complete and utter amateur, but I’m eager to give it a go. One problem though:


I have so many ideas but I want to do all of them! So I’d like you guys to help me out. I’ve compiled a list of characters I want to cosplay. All I need you lovely people to do is vote! And of course I’d blog my process, no matter how disastrous!

(By the way, I meant 2008 version of Prince of Persia, not 2003. My bad ^^)

Thanks for the help! Give yourself a cookie ūüôā


Anyone Else?


These are a few things in my life that other people have often deemed weird, and it got me wondering if anyone else has these traits/habits in their life? Brace yourself… you’re about to learn a lot about the awkward side of me!

– Writing over talking.
I absolutely suck at talking. I get tongue-tied, I stutter, I talk too fast. I mishear what other people say, I go bright red and generally suck at small talk. That’s not to say I don’t like hanging out with people… I’m just not all that good at it.
Writing, however, I can do. And I like to think I do it well. It means I have time to think over what I say before I say it, and potentially cause offence or dig a hole I don’t want to be sat in. If I’m talking about emotional subjects, I get choked up and can’t make any sound… but with writing I really get down how I feel.
It’s my release.

– Eye Contact.
Something else I’m rubbish at. For some reason, whether it be in a one on one conversation or just walking past a stranger on the street, eye contact makes me feel uncomfortable. And yet it’s an important part of a conversation (unless you’re blind or have a lazy eye, I guess). If we don’t make eye contact, we appear disinterested… and yet looking at someone for too long makes it feel like they’re gazing into my soul. It’s disconcerting!

– Straightening Things.
If something is wonky, out of place or not on properly, I have to sort it. The little urge will literally nag at my brain until something’s done about it. The same happens with glass collecting at work. If I see empty glasses lying about the place, I have the insatiable urge to pick them up and take them to the bar. Guess I’m slightly OCD!

– Making lists for Everything
I would be completely lost without my lists. I have lists for books I want to read, shopping lists, birthday and Christmas present lists, to-do lists, spending lists, random lists… the lot. I’m a listaholic.

– Workaholic.
If I have nothing to do, I get bored. That’s not to say I have no hobbies – Hell, I have them by the bucketful. But if I had nothing steady to do throughout everyday life (like education or a job) I’d lose the plot. I always like finding stuff to do or taking more stuff on, because there’s nothing worse than standing or sitting around doing f-all.
I’m currently working on the current edition of my Uni’s Creative Writing magazine The Writer’s Quibble and doing work experience with proper writing work for a marketing company called Inside Out Creative, who are awesome for taking me on. Then there’s my weekend bar job, making arrangements for travelling home for Summer and making costumes for my Disney themed 20th birthday (I am such a grown-up) (I shall also be blogging about these costumes soon – watch this space!)
So yeah, I’m busy! But that won’t stop me getting stressed and complaining about my workload.

Please feel free to comment any weird stuff you do or if you do the above too – make me feel better about myself!

The ‘No Job Means No Experience’ Cycle – An Idea


2.33 million people in the UK are unemployed. I myself am one of them. I’ve been in education from primary school straight through to University, and now I need a job. Only I don’t have any experience. And you can’t get many jobs without experience. And you can’t get any experience without a job.

Frustrating, isn’t it.

Well why can’t the education system do more about this? I think some sort of scheme or course needs to be created – whether in High Schools, Colleges, Universities or all three. The course would teach voluntary pupils basic skills for jobs in the Tertiary Sector, such as waitressing, customer service, retail, etc. Because let’s face it; further education or not, most of us public school kids are heading for jobs like that. Of course some people break free of that, and good for them. But most of us get stuck in the never-ending whirlwind.

And these educational institutions running the course could make contact with local businesses to arrange work placements for their pupils. This would not only establish connections for the pupils, but also prepare them better for the real world. The local businesses get free labour, there’s a greater sense of community in the area, and oh look! More jobs are created by the need for teachers to teach these skills. It’s a win win!

Either way, I feel that schools could do more to prepare us for the real world.

When I think about it, it seems like such a simple solution. Am I missing something? Any thoughts?

Is It Just Me?


Is it just me, or is everyone between the ages of 16 and 20 getting pregnant/engaged these days?

I don’t like judging people, but it makes me so angry they aren’t living their lives first.

I know it is easy to mistake obsession and lust for love, and I am in no place to say whether they truly are in love or not… but when I see a nineteen year old engaged to a fifty-something year old after only a month of being with him, I can’t help but shake my head.

I’m all for “age is just a number,” believe me… but there’s got to be a limit, surely. It’d be wrong for a seven year old to date a ninety year old! What happens when you’re in your fifties and your husband dies of old age?

But what’s worse lately is the pregnancies. Okay, nineteen isn’t a terrible age to get pregnant, but I know people who are on their third or fourth child by now. How do you have time to enjoy life? We should be out having fun at this age, not stuck inside on a Saturday evening, watching kid’s TV and changing nappies.

I’m not saying they all make bad parents. I’m sure they love their children as much as any other parent, if not more. In fact, some of the best mums I know were young when they had kids. But there are people who give birth and then dump it on their parents while they go out clubbing every night.

And the majority are already single parents.

If you’re going to be a parent, the child has to come first. And if you have it too early, a lot of your life will be dedicated to that child. Where do you fit in time to achieve your life’s ambitions, to travel and make a name for yourself and just experience¬†everything you can?

But who am I to declare what’s right or wrong. Everyone has different views on everything. These are simply mine.

Education: Does It Really Work?


Before I begin, I should point out I loved going to school during my time of education. I loved the atmosphere, the teachers, the things we were taught. But if someone asked me what I actually learnt there, the answer is very little.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m more knowledgeable. I know how to apply Pythagoras’ theorem and what happens when you burn magnesium, and I’ve read books I never would have normally picked up. But education is about 90% memory test and 10% actual learning. We get told things we need to remember for exams and coursework – enough to get us to get decent grades. But even the exams are just timed memory tests. Remember as much as you can within two hours and, on occasion, try to use what you’ve remembered to find an answer.

The only lessons where we¬†truly developed our personalities and styles were whilst writing stories in English or painting pictures in Art: the two subjects I decided to continue on into higher education. I understand there is only so much schools can do – there are so many rules now for teachers to follow and I admire them to no end for doing their jobs – but all we are doing in schools is learning things that the internet could now tell us. In University we are at least taught by professionals in the fields, such as journalists, psychologists, etc. They can tell us things we can’t necessarily find on the world wide web: their personal experiences.

And on the topic of University, in which I am currently studying, my fellow students have similar views on the methods in which we are marked. As a Creative Writing student, our work is marked on many things, and most of which have to be to our tutor’s tastes. For instance, if we were writing a comedy, and our tutor didn’t understand the joke, it is highly likely we would be marked down. When we are paying ¬£27,000 or so a year, we don’t want to fail purely because one person didn’t understand our work.

There is also the matter of referencing. We lose marks if we don’t do it, and yet too much is practically plagiarism. I am told from my trusty Criminology student friends that they have to include at¬†least¬†fifty journal references in their bibliographies. I mean, in a 2500 word essay, how much of that is actually going to be their own work?

And then there’s fitness. The current education system seems to think it is enough to have two sessions of PE in a week… just two hours of exercise is enough for children with limitless energy. And then people complain Britain’s children are getting seriously overweight. Surely it would be better to have an hour of compulsory exercise a day for these kids? After all, exercise is meant to keep the brain active, and that’s exactly what they need.

I realise there isn’t a lot that can be changed in schools without creating some form of uproar from teachers and parents alike. But surely something needs to be done? With a growing number of children playing truant, dropping out of school and being unemployed because school is “boring” and they’d rather do something else, surely we should find a way to make schools fun and interesting whilst at the same time useful in preparing them for the outside world?

How to talk to people, ¬†how to pay bills and how to cook easy, healthy meals? Nah you’ll never need them in real life. Here, let’s learn about sin, cos and tan instead!